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2018 Segunda División Final: A Trujillo Derby!


The Antecedents

The highly anticipated Segunda División final will start this Sunday, Nov. 25 at 3:30 pm ET. We will have a Trujillo Derby between Montague and Capulet, East Egg and West Egg, the old and the new.

On one side, we have Carlos A. Mannucci, the first-ever professional team in Trujillo, and on the other we have the Universidad César Vallejo, the most important Trujillano side so far this century. Both teams have never played each other in the first division.

The history of their rivalry so far comprises a series of matches in Copa Perú and most recently in the second division for a total of 13. So far, Vallejo has a slight advantage with five wins and four draws. This season has been an interesting one, though, as Carlos A. Mannucci were stunned 3-2 at home by César Vallejo at home while they split the points in a 1-1 draw in the return match.

What to expect?

Vallejo has the golden ticket as away goals are not a tiebreaker in this final. Chemo Del Solar’s defence tumbled during the first leg of the semifinals but was impeccable and highly responsive to incoming attacks by Juan Aurich during the second. This is its usual stance as they only conceded 19 goals during the regular season.

Mannucci’s key characteristic, on the other hand, has been its lethal attack at home where it defeated both of their quarterfinal and semifinal opponents by scores of 5-2. Veteran Renzo Sheput’s relationship with Osnar Noronha will also be important to try to overcome los Poetas.

The game should be somewhat close as we’ll likely see a chess match between Mannucci’s attack and a defensive Vallejo looking for the perfect moment to strike.

Who to watch?

For César Vallejo, the Callao-born Álvaro Medrano was superb in the semifinals. The 23-year-old right winger will certainly be important when it comes to Vallejo’s rapid attacks. He was the sole goal-scorer in the decisive second leg of the semifinals. Both of his goals came within the first 20 minutes.

An inspired Osnar Noronha will be important for Carlos A. Mannucci. It is not actually impossible to break Vallejo’s defence, as proven by Juan Aurich. Enough goals and a little bit of luck could go a long way in the first leg of the final. Noronha will thus be important for the traditional Trujillo side. El Paiche Noronha is an experimented forward who started his career with CNI and has so far played for the likes of Aurich, Alianza Lima and Ayacucho.

In case of a draw, there will be extra time and penalties after the second leg. The champion will be promoted automatically to the 2019 Descentralizado while the runner-up will qualify to the Segunda División/Copa Perú promotion playoff. The chances of both of these teams continuing their rivalry in the first division next year are very high.

This would be César Vallejo’s second trophy in this tournament and their third promotion in the last 15 years. For Mannucci, this would be its first promotion since relegation from the Primera División in a quarter of a century and its first trophy.

No matter which side one supports, Trujillo, the city of eternal spring, will return to the first-division circuit. Trujillo es de primera.

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