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Roberto Villamarin: Atlas’ latest Peruvian target

Photo: Libero

Roberto Villamarin plays for UTC in the Peruvian Primera Division. Born in Pisco, Villamarin was formed at Alianza Lima, but he moved over to los Cajamarquinos in 2016 without getting much of a chance at Alianza.

Villamarin first earned a run of games at UTC in 2017. It wasn’t until the Clausura when he became an undisputed starter. It could be argued the Bolsa de Minutos rule forced this, as he was one of the most-talented under-21 players at the club. Jorge Murrugarra also took a spot in the midfield. However, it was  Villamarin who really impressed at right back. He managed to score once and continuously created danger down the flank.

Photo: Peru21

Villamarin is primarily a right-back, very similar to Luis Advincula. He’s very quick and an offensive player. The 20-year-old always overlaps and tries to create space for wingers by going over to the byline, bringing along one of his markers. He’s not quite as strong as Advincula, but that should improve with age.

The young defender was one of the biggest revelations of the season, as he really turned up in his first consistent campaign. Atlas’ interest has to be motivated by Peru’s World Cup qualification, something that didn’t happen in the past. Peru’s growing stock has awoken the interest of more scouts abroad, and Villamarin has clearly been monitored.

Villamarin is an exciting talent and he looks likely to join fellow Peruvian Alexi Gomez at the club from Guadalajara.

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