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Copa Peru Roundup: Sport Ancash Get Battered

Photo: Diario Chimbote

The Opener: AEB 1-5 Santos

After holding their own in Chancay last weekend against Defensor Laure Sur, AEB got battered at home against Ica’s current champions. Despite scoring the first goal, they weren’t able to hold on here and conceded five goals at home. Only three minutes after the opener, Coronado quickly equalized and things only got worse for the Callao side. Miller Romero ended up scoring a hat trick and shooting the Nazca team up to the top of the table.

Photo: Aldo Ramirez/DeChalaca

The Obvious: Social Venus 4-0 Alfredo Tomassini

While there weren’t any overly obvious results, we’ve gone for this game between Lima’s champions and Callao’s runners-up. It was a very straightforward match with Joao Farias getting on the scoresheet again for the Huachanos, as did Carlos Lazón. It should also be mentioned that this matchup was nearly suspended due to the ambulance not arriving. In the end, it got there on time and the match was played.

Photo: Hincha Pelotas Huacho

The Surprise: El Inca 8-2 Sport Ancash

This surprise was between this result, and Caballo Cocha beating Union Tarapoto. However, Sport Ancash losing by six has definitely raised some eyebrows. On Juan Jayo’s debut as manager, his team were shocking at the back. While La Amenaza Verde were with 10 men for most of the match, they did not have a Plan B and as a result, El Inca just had a field day in attack. Jorge Esparza scored four goals while Alejandro Ramirez bagged a hat trick. At one point, it looked like Ancash would mount a comeback after they pulled it back to 3-2 in the 30th minute, but it clearly didn’t last.

Photo: Beto Hidalgo/Goles de Trujillo

CD Caballo Cocha 2-1 Union Tarapoto

Caballo Cocha was the surprise result of last weekend and if it wasn’t for Ancash shipping eight, they would have made it there again. The Loretanos have had a surprising start with four points, getting an important draw in Pucallpa and now beating another superior side, albeit at home. They were up 2-0 for most of the match with Arnes Vela and Willy Ramirez bagging the goals. In the 81st, the home side looked to just see the game out as Jordan Quintana scored for the visitors. In the end, they got a very important result and have been surprising everyone thus far.

Photo: CD Caballo Cocha

Deportivo Caminos 2-1 AD Huamantanga

In our guide, we commented how Huamantanga’s spending has them aiming for the final eight, but it is looking quite grim. Of course, some of the dark horses, big spenders or favourites are going to be out in the first round, and Huamantanga are one of the candidates in that category. Deportivo Caminos, on the other hand, surprised us as they were extremely ineffective in Nazca last week, not being able to even get past the halfway line. Even for a side that wanted to sit back, Caminos were amongst the favourites to finish bottom. They’ve now got three points and have shocked the team from Jauja. In the end, this is a notable result especially for us, given how we talked well about Huamantanga in our guide.

Photo: Raul Zubilete

Carlos Stein 2-0 Las Palmas

These two sides are both dark horses for the title, and we had to mention them as this was essentially a clash between two heavyweights. Carlos Stein came out victorious and deserved their win. Las Palmas was causing danger with Jerson Martinez leading the line, but defenders such as Williams Lara did their job in keeping them out. Carlos Posito came on in the second half and gave Los Chotanos more attacking depth, which got them forward a bit more, but in the end the hosts scored another goal and it was game over in the 81st minute.

Photo: Carlos Stein

The well known Jack Duran makes the Team of the Week for the first time after a stellar performance against Minsa FBC with Alfonso Ugarte. Duran scored twice in a 4-3 win away from home.

Esparza and Vilela were no brainers. The former bagged four goals against one of the favourites to win the competition, while Vilela bagged a hat trick and created danger for most of the match. In that Credicoop San Roman 8-0 win vs Deportivo Maldonado, the star of the show was Walter Portugal, who didn’t score any of the eight goals but constantly created space, or found space and made several key passes which helped the result become that scandalous.

In the defence, Williams Lara was massive for Carlos Stein against a strong Las Palmas de Chota team while Edson Diaz was not so bad himself. Joan Poma for Sport Marino helped keep Anderson Sinchitullo from Sport Huanta out in a 1-0 win and even scored on the afternoon. Lastly, Ivan Condori had another notable performance in net, this time actually winning his game with Deportivo Caminos.

Honourable Mentions: Alejandro Ramirez (El Inca), Saul Reyes (Santos), Miller Romero (Santos), Giovanni Morales (Alianza Universidad), Gonzalo Guadalupe (Credicoop San Roman), Isidro Arroyo (Carlos Stein), Jhordy Huaira (UDA).

All Results

AEB (Callao) 1-5 Santos (Ica)

Sport Marino (Ica) 1-0 Sport Huanta (Ayacucho)

FC Carlos Stein (Lambayeque) 2-0 Las Palmas (Cajamarca)

ADA (Cajamarca) 0-0 Racing Huamachuco (La Libertad)

UD Parachique (Piura) 5-3 Deportivo Ferrocarril (Tumbes)

Alipio Ponce (Amazonas) 0-1 Atletico Torino (Piura)

Municipal de Aguaytia (Ucayali) 0-0 Estudiantil CNI (Loreto)

Leon (Huanuco) 2-0 Colegio Comercio (Ucayali)

San Cristobal de Casaorcco (Ayacucho) 2-3 UDA (Huancavelica)

Minsa FBC (Madre de Dios) 3-4 Alfonso Ugarte (Puno)

Deportivo Robles (Cusco) 0-1 FC Retamoso (Apurimac)

Andahuaylas FC (Apurimac) 0-2 Deportivo Garcilaso (Cusco)

Credicoop San Roman (Puno) 8-0 Deportivo Maldonado (Madre de Dios)

Hijos de Altiplano (Moquegua) 0-1 Sportivo Huracan (Arequipa)

Escuela de Futbol JTR (Junin) 2-2 Deportivo Municipal de Yanahuanca (Pasco)

Juventud Locumba (Tacna) 1-2 Credicoop San Cristobal (Moquegua)

Deportivo Caminos (Huancavelica) 2-1 AD Huamantanga (Junin)

UN Tumbes (Tumbes) 1-3 Molinos el Pirata (Lambayeque)

El Inca (La Libertad) 8-2 Sport Ancash (Ancash)

Academia Sipesa (Ancash) 2-2 Alianza Universidad (Huanuco)

Social Corire (Arequipa) 1-1 Union Alfonso Ugarte (Tacna)

CD Caballo Cocha (Loreto) 2-1 Union Tarapoto (San Martin)

Atletico San Agustin (Pasco) 2-1 Defensor Laure Sur (Lima)

Bellavista FC (San Martin) 4-1 Bagua Grande (Amazonas)

Social Venus (Lima) 4-0 Alfredo Tomassini (Callao)

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