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Copa Peru Roundup: Low-scoring, but plenty of drama

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This is the first of 2 matchdays between the Departamental finalists. In a low scoring weekend, here is how the games panned out.

The Opener

Molinos el Pirata 0-0 Carlos Stein

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In the match between the 2 Lambayequinos, it ends in a scoreless draw. The game itself was very high paced however as both teams looked for the win. Goal line clearances, big goalkeeper saves, and more occurred as such, but none of the 2 were able to convert one into a goal. Williams Lara had another notable performance in right back for CS, whereas Yoffre Vasquez created a lot of danger for Molinos.

The Obvious

Sportivo Huracán 4-1 Social Corire

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This weekend’s results really did not have any predictable or obvious results. Huracán beating Corire is perhaps the most expected result. The home team did not have a field day though, as there was a point in the game where it was 1-1 and the visitors took the game to el Globo. Brando Corrales and Jean Arana were performing quite well for Corire while Anthony Rodriguez coming in as a sub changed the game, who even managed to score a goal. In the end, the visitors were eventually gassed out and Huracán took advantage of it by scoring 3 more goals in the second half.


The Surprise

Photo: Fernando Herrera

Estudiantil CNI 0-0 Caballo Cocha

The shock of the Copa Peru continues unbeaten! Few people had expected Caballo Cocha to go unbeaten up to this point, especially with the run of games that they had. However, a notable Carlos Gomez performance in net keeps them alive yet. Meanwhile, CNI with the team that they built really should be doing better. Kevin Laura, ex Bolognesi has yet to score and they only have bagged 1. On another note, they haven’t conceded yet either. However, at 5 points they could definitely be doing a bit better thus far.

Other results

Alianza Universidad 0-0 Leon de Huanuco

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In the Clasico Huanuqueño, the referee had a lot of work to do. Early in the game, Alex Trujillo for AU got sent off, given Leon de advantage. This would last until the 65th minute where Renato Chacon would get sent off for los Cremas, and now the game was even. Joel Avila would also get sent off for Leon, so in the end the tables completely turned on them. It was a fierce match, where neither team ever offered a big threat up front but you can see the desire to win from each side.

The TOTW has a few of the same players as last week.

Carlos Gomez as mentioned, helped keep Caballo Cocha in the game and he well deserves his spot in the 11 because of his performance and the context around it.

2 Deportivo Robles players make it into the shout. The reason there are 2 from Robles instead of the winners in Deportivo Garcilaso is because the latter had their best players in midfield and attack, which there were better. The former had a strong defence throughout the game and while it wasn’t enough to win, they showed a resilient performance nevertheless. Frank Carranza for Leon also had a very good game.

In midfield, Eduardo Zegarra who had just come into the team for Huracan managed to bag a goal and always be in the right position, where as Buendia did well to help AD Huamantanga click and get the win over Escuela JTR. Moran gets back in the team as does Esparza for the third time in a row after having a good game in Huamachuco.

In forward, Kenedy Mendez scored a brace to lead UDA to victory.

Honourable Mentions: Marco Caballero (Deportivo Garcilaso), Yoffre Vasquez (Molinos el Pirata FC), Cleber Portocarrero (Bagua Grande FC), Brando Corrales (Social Corire), Aldo Mozombite (Caballo Cocha)


Molinos el Pirata 0-0 Carlos Stein

Sportivo Huracán 4-1 Social Corire

Colegio Comercio 2-1 Municipal Aguaytia

Estudiantil CNI 0-0 Caballo Cocha

Deportivo Garcilaso 1-0 Deportivo Robles

Credicoop San Cristobal 2-1 Hijos de Altiplano

Atletico Torino 2-2 UD Parachique

Union Alfonso Ugarte 2-1 Juventud Locumba

Alianza Universidad 0-0 Leon de Huanuco

Municipal de Yanahuanca 1-0 Atletico San Agustin

Alfonso Ugarte 0-0 Credicoop San Roman

Deportivo Maldonado 2-1 Minsa FBC

Sport Ancash 3-1 Academia Sipesa

Sport Huanta 1-0 San Cristobal de Casaorcco

FC Retamoso 2-0 Andahuaylas FC

AD Huamantanga 3-1 Escuela JTR

UDA 3-1 Deportivo Caminos

Racing Club 2-2 El Inca

Defensor Laure Sur 1-0 Social Venus Huacho

Ferrocarril 2-1 UN Tumbes

Santos 1-1 Sport Marino

Alfredo Tomassini 1-3 AEB

Las Palmas 2-0 ADA

Bagua Grande 4-3 Alipio Ponce

Union Tarapoto 1-1 Bellavista FC


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