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Hector Zeta: “My Best Trait Is The Aerial Game”

Hector Zeta is a forward currently playing for Binacional. He moved to El Poderoso del Sur after a stellar Copa Peru campaign with Jose Maria Arguedas of Andahuaylas.

Brian Bertie spoke to the Binacional man about his current form, his future and more.

How did your confidence evolve when you went from Jose Maria Arguedas to the Primera Division with Binacional?

Before Arguedas, I actually had already played for Binacional when they were still in Copa Peru. I already had a close relationship with the club. They already knew who I was. With Arguedas, we had gone out in the quarterfinals. Later, when I was at home, I received a call from the president of Binacional saying they wanted my services. We came to an agreement and here I am now.

What type of player is Hector Zeta? How do you see yourself as a player in terms of style and strengths?

I am best in the aerial game. I like to wait around in the box a lot like your typical No. 9. I’ll be there waiting for any opportunity to get a chance at goal.

What possibilities do you have in the future from here?

Firstly, score as many goals as I can with Binacional. I have been scoring important goals as of late with the team. I want to keep growing and I’m confident I will. As time goes on, hopefully I’ll be with a big team.

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