Interview with Emanuele Ghirga – Co-Owner of D’Alessandro Agency

  1. How is your relationship with Giulio D’Alessandro and where did you 2 meet?

Our relationship started in 2010. While Giulio was already a scout i was passionate about football but didn’t think that it could have become my actual job.  So a friend of mine that was Giulio’s also put us in contact and then we started to work toghether  since then,  even if in the between until now i have also had other professional experiences.

  1. Any players you are following or have followed in detail?

The new thrilling talent we are following right now is Glen Kamara. He was born in Finland but then he moved to England and joined  the Arsenal Academy. After the Academy period, plus few appereances with the first team, he has been sent in loan to different clubs until he has been sold to Dundee FC during the last summer transfer market. They bet on him and now he is a regular starter of Dundee and the Finnish National Team. Instead, the players we followed are countless but i can tell about one of many anecdoties: one is about Kekuta Manneh, currently playing for CF Pachuca, that we have found when he was still playing for Austin Astex and no one knew about. We flew to Austin to talk with his parents and coach of a great opportunity we were bringing such a trial with FC International. Due to burocracy and timing the trial window expired and then he signed with Vancouver Whitecaps.

  1. What is the easiest market for a new scout from your experience?

Africa is still a “Wild West” due to cultural, political and wellness problems. There are plentyful talents but i can’t say that is an easy market but as i said above, even for those problems, for a beginner scout is very challenging. In Asia there are billions of people and talents as well but their football culture is below than every other country in Europe, Africa or America as well but still very interesting. In the next decades we will see more and more asians players in Europe for sure. Anyway, there are no easy market.


  1. Are there any differences between the older generation of scout and the new one after the sky-rocketing beginning social media and networks?

The thing is that previously there were almost any video support and flash news as Twitter ecc. so the average scout had to see the player live and then loose countless hours of searching and moving from one place or another. Now with the support of socut platforms as InstatScout or Wyscout you can scout a player of the other part of the world in an instant, with countless of useful information that once weren’t available. On the other side, our generation lost a bit of the “human” part of this job, i talk about the real relationship between people and trust in other’s  opinion sas well. So i think that to have success we should take a little step back to revive those values.

  1. What do you think about the Peruvian football movement?

I can say that in the last 10 years the level of peruvian football is growing. One example is the winning in 2014 of the Olimpic Games of the U15 selection. Genetically peruvians have an advantage compared to other countries thanks to their natural toughness that grows very early but in puberty they don’t geta s strong and fast as others. There are few names that come in my mind as Jefferson Farfan that has been a great player of Shalke and now the biggest talent is André Carrillo in Watford having a good carreer.

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