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Jeremias Bogado: “I am interested in playing for Peru”

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Jeremias Bogado is a former Paraguay youth international and currently plays as a winger for Comerciantes Unidos, the only Peruvian club Bogado has represented. He was previously at Club Olimpia in his native homeland.

Our own Brian Bertie spoke to Bogado regarding the situation at Comerciantes as well as some of the rumours circulating around him.

You were in the Paraguayn U-20 National Team as well as Club Olimpia. What was the motive for wanting to come play in Peru and specifically outside of Lima?

Yes, I was at Olimpia as well as Capiatá and General Caballero. Afterwards, I received calls from the president of Comerciantes Unidos who wanted my services and that’s how I got here.

The press here says that you are close to joining Sport Rosario. How true are these rumours?

They are rumours that are growing, but so far it doesn’t seem like it is happening.

The situation at Comerciantes Unidos is quite a tricky one. You can’t play at home in Cutervo and you are currently bottom of the accumulated table. Are there any other issues that the press has neglected to share?

Not at all, there is no problem. We know we are struggling but there is still a lot to play for. Whilst there are points to play for, we will fight until the end. This Sunday in particular we have a big game. If we win we will be closer.

We’ve recently seen Horacio Calcaterra called up to the Peruvian National Team. Assuming you keep on growing in Peru, would you want to play for la Blanquirroja when you are eligible?

Of course. It’s a dream to play for any national team.

Would you prefer to play for your home country in Paraguay though?

It’s a tough question. Yes, I would like to play for Paraguay but I don’t mind playing for Peru either.

What do you think of your performances at this moment?

I think I’m doing alright. With every goal scored, I gain more confidence.

How is your footballing schedule? Do you live in Cajamarca or now in Guadalupe? Assuming it’s the former, how do you get to each game and training session?

Right now I’m living here in Guadalupe. I’m here with my family. I really just train here and then spend time with my family afterwards.

Do you travel by bus or by plane?

To most places, including Lima we travel by plane.

Do you visit Cutervo at all now?

No, we do not visit Cutervo anymore as there is currently no need to do so.

Thank you for your time Jeremias, I wish you the best.

You can listen to the interview in the link below. (Spanish audio)

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