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Local Copa Perú Rivalries: Cañete, Huanuco Still Going Strong

Just for fun, we decided to research some very local rivalries within Peruvian football. All of these are either from the Copa Peru, or traditional clubs that have a local rival that they don’t face too often. It’s our way of celebrating the diversity of our beautiful country.

Believe it or not, the Copa Peru is a very traditional competition with lots of importance outside of Lima, and within the 24,000 clubs, there are a lot of intense derbies. Some of these we’ve listed are well known to the average Peruvian football fan, others are more obscure and in our first of hopefully many pieces of Peruvian rivalries, here are a few we’ve found.

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UD Parachique vs. Defensor La Bocana

Defensor La Bocana might be remembered because of their recent stint in the Primera División, where they only lasted two years as a professional club before going straight back to Copa Peru. As you may recall, they are from Sechura in the south of Piura.

UD Parachique is the second-most traditional club from Sechura and are the classic rival of Defensor La Bocana. They are currently in the national stage of the Copa Peru and are the runners-up of the Piura departamental league.

UD Parachique and Defensor La Bocana most recently clashed in 2015 for the semifinals of the Piura departamental. Parachique won the first leg 2-1 while La Bocana turned it around in the return game and advanced to the final and the national stage with a 2-0 victory.

Walter Ormeño vs. Atletico Independiente

One clásico that is still played most years is the Clásico Cañetano. Cañete is a city based in the south of the Lima region, near the border with Ica.

Walter Ormeño and Atletico Independiente are the two big teams in Cañete, especially the former. Walter has played in the Primera, while Atletico Independiente is still dreaming of what their rivals have achieved.

This year, Walter Ormeño won the Clásico Cañetano, beating their rivals 2-0 in the Cañete provincial final. Both qualified for the national stage and were knocked out by Defensor Laure Sur from Chancay, who now find themselves in the national stage.

Leon de Huanuco vs. Alianza Universidad

This is a clásico that is still firmly played to this day, and more so now that both teams compete to be the best in Huánuco.

León and Alianza Universidad were relegated from the Segunda Division in the past five years and now compete in the Copa Peru. While León is known to be the bigger club, AU have been the stronger side in the past few years and have been crowned champions of Huanuco for two straight years.

There is actually more to it: León de Huánuco failed to qualify for their departamental final in 2017. They lost out to La Punta from Pachitea but ended up qualifying by default due to the opposition’s failure to obtain proper licensing for the competition.

Alianza Universidad won 3-1 in the first leg of 2017, and lost the second 2-1 which was enough to take the title. This season it was only one leg, and once again, AU won it with a 1-0 victory.

DIM vs. Liz Dent

The Clasico Miraflorino based in Lima’s touristy district of Miraflores.

DIM have been the powerhouse for many years now, but Liz Dent is actually the biggest team in the league. Despite this, their rivals have been far above them.

Liz Dent have been stuck in the distrital stage for a couple of years, whereas DIM has made it to the quarterfinals of the national stage in 2015 where they lost out to Defensor La Bocana.

The most recent encounter was the first game of the Liga Distrital this year, where DIM beat their rivals 4-3 in a thrilling encounter.

Miguel Grau vs. DEA

Apurímac has always been one of the most football-mad regions in Peru, but have never had a team in the Primera División. Abancay is the capital, and one team did get close to winning the Copa Peru, and that is Deportivo Educación Abancay. They reached the Copa Peru final in 2003, where they lost to Universidad César Vallejo.

The other important team from Abancay is Miguel Grau. While Abancay is a relatively small city with only 51,000 people, they have a lot of football tradition and these 2 dispute it for the most popular and strongest team in the capital of Apurímac.

DEA don’t qualify often for the national stage, Miguel Grau, on the other hand, were in the Copa Peru as latest as 2017 where they playoff stage before losing to Sport La Vid from Junin.

The Abancay distrital is perhaps one of the toughest in the whole country due to the competitiveness of it. This season, neither Miguel Grau nor DEA fought for the title in which Universitario UTEA won. DEA finished third and last season also missed out by one spot and placed fourth. Neither time were they close though, with both of the time being about 10 points behind the qualification.

In the most recent edition of the Clásico Abanquino, DEA beat Miguel Grau 4-2 on April 7th of 2018. Brian Morales was the player of the match, whom is now plying his trade at the higher amateur level with FC Retamoso.

Sport Ancash vs. Deportivo Belen

While the modern clásico is disputed between Sport Rosario and UNASAM, this is the traditional rivalry in which hasn’t been disputed since Sport Áncash won promotion in 2004.

This clash might be noteworthy again soon if Sport Áncash don’t win promotion, or progress very far in the Copa Per. They started straight from the Provincial this season and got a bye in the first round, meaning they didn’t have to play in the Huaraz distrital.

If Ancash get sent to the distrital next year, then there is a possibility this clash is one we could see again, as it was a very heated game between the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Deportivo Agropecuario vs. Humberto Luna

Agropecuario vs Humberto Luna might not be the first clasico in Calca, but it is the most important. Before this, the main rivalry was between Club Villa Estudiantes vs FC Universitario. Afterwards, the rivalry began when both these teams had players whom were students.

Humberto Luna in particular has qualified for the national stage a few times recently, most notably in the same year Real Garcilaso won their promotion to Primera División.

ADT vs. Sport Dos De Mayo

ADT is the biggest team in not only Tarma, but all of Junin. Most of the region’s most traditional clubs are either defunct (Deportivo Junin) or not fighting for anything anymore (Alipio Ponce). The most traditional club of the area is still fighting for honours, and despite disappointing in 2018, they are still doing their best for a promotion push.

The one club trying to stop them in their own city is Sport Dos de Mayo. They are the second biggest and second strongest side in Tarma and usually always qualify for the provincial stage alongside their rivals, making for more than one clash between the 2 a year.

One of the most recent matches between the 2 was when Sport Dos de Mayo shocked the ADT team and beat them 2-0 in the latter stages of the Tarma distrital. The match was played on April 15th, 2018.

Atletico Torino vs. Sport Chorrillos

Atletico Torino’s classic rivals are Atletico Grau, but at a more local level, Sport Chorrillos are their classic rival. While the former is in the national stage, Chorrillos did not make it very far this time around but still have some history in the competition. Sport Chorrillos reached the Copa Peru final in 1968, one of the earliest editions of the tournament ever.

Torino are the king of cups in the third tier of Peru, having won the competition 5 times while their local rivals have only reached 1 final. However, given how small Talara is and how industrial of a port it is, they have some football history and these 2 make up for the 2 biggest teams in the area.

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