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Primera Division Roundup: Herrera Ties Ximenez’s Record

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The fourth round was characterized for no surprises. The expected results occurred with Sporting Cristal, Melgar and Alianza Lima showing their dominance. The downward spiral by Rosario is headed for disaster, while Universitario’s decline as a club is discernible to everyone. The relegation battle for the last spot will make the Clausura exciting to the end as many matchups soon are potential six pointers.

Unión Comercio 1-3 Alianza Lima

Union Comercio, back in Moyobamba, wanted to showcase its strength when playing at home but today Alianza was too strong and beat them 3-1. Also, Comercio had five ex-Alianza Lima in their team with their highest profile ex, Reimond Manco wanting to prove they still have it. But, Alianza was not only clinical in their finishing but had “Saint” Leao in goal. Again, Leao Butron at his 41 years showed his agility, positioning and leadership to help Alianza get the three points in a super difficult ground to visit. It was a Uruguayan trifecta as Affonso, Godoy and Lemos scored for Alianza while ex- Alianza great Wilmer Aguirre discounted for Comercio. Stand out players today: Butron and Lemos for Alianza; Manco and Dioses for Comercio. Great victory for Alianza!

Sport Huancayo 1 -1 UTC

Rapidly declining UTC visited Sport Huancayo for this Friday night clash with a hope of getting something out of a game in a city they almost never a get result in. Huancayo got on the scoreboard rather quickly with a strike from…who else but Neumann after a glorious pass from Marcio Valverde.  After the goal UTC and Huancayo got involved in a midfield battle and both teams looked void of ideas offering a drab game…. until Coco Bazan tied the game in the 79th minute with a beautiful curled shot from the left edge of the box. Stand out players: Coco Bazan and Carlos Neumann. This was a disappointing result for both teams as they are now stuck in mid-table.

Binacional 0-4 Melgar

This match looked to be tough on paper for Melgar, as Binacional has been a strong side when at home. But since the Clausura, Binacional‘s fortunes have declined. As their coach “Puchito” Flores had said, the tough Peruvian tournament is beginning to wear down on their squad. Not a large squad in numbers, they are another nomad team, plus they are undergoing economic hardship. Not good symptoms for a marathon like the Peruvian championship. Melgar. On the contrary, a squad with lots of depth were dominant with Cristofer Gonzalez having another strong showing to close the first half 3-0 with goals from Gonzalez himself, Cuesta and Narvaez. The second half was more of the same with Melgar scoring at the 87th minute by Joel Sanchez’s first goal for Melgar to end the game 4-0. Stand out players: Cristofer González and Jhon Narváez.

Ayacucho 3-1 Cantolao

In a game where the fan’s stupidity came on show, the game was suspended for a few minutes after Cantolao’s player Herve Kambou suffered racial abuse. After things got under control, Ayacucho turned the game around after a Josimar Atoche goal surprised Ayacucho with the opener for Cantolao. But Ayacucho are showing great resiliency and did not lose their cool. Kevin Sandoval tied the game by a striking a lose ball in the area in the 33rd minute. Ayacucho settled the game after their veteran Mauricio Montes struck at the 58th minute and the 90th minute. Well deserved win by Ayacucho! Notable players: Mauricio Montes and Robert Ardiles.

Sport Rosario 1-1 Comerciantes Unidos

Sport Rosario continue their slide down the accumulated table and are starting to look like a serious relegation contender. Their side tonight had six new players from the previous tournament and certainly this wholesale change is not working. They have not won a game in 10 matches and the club is in disarray. Their opponents, Comerciantes Unidos, are almost relegated but mustered a draw which did not help either side. 1-1 at the end with goals from Olascuaga and Reyes and a handful of red cards given by the referee for a forgettable evening.

Sport Boys 3-1 Real Garcilaso

Two games and four points for new Sport Boys coach, Manuel Fernandez. Sport Boys has looked a more cohesive unit and deservedly beat Garcilaso tonight. The game was back and forth until Nunagaray made his debut for Boys in the 77th minute. He took a delicious looking corner where Reategui headed to score the second and change the course of the game. Manuel Tejada made it 3-1 in the 94th and Boys took the 3 points and took them away from the relegation spots. Key player: Nunagaray.

Sporting Cristal 4-0 Deportivo Municipal

This was the match for Municipal to show they were ready for the big time and they lost 4-0 to Cristal…Again, Herrera was enormous, one assist and two goals, one of them PlayStation style, taking on and beating five players and the goalie to finish off Municipal. If Cristal continue to show this level of play it is a foregone conclusion they will be national champions. As for Municipal, they were not up to standard with only Rivadeneyra keeping the score down. Key players: Herrera and Costa.

Universitario 2-2 San Martin

The score might suggest a great game but as a matter of fact it was quite the opposite. A midfield battle where the ball seldom moved forward. A few individualities inclined the game to their side, namely, Siucho, Lavandeira and Osorio for la U and Chavez and Correa for San Martin. San Martin was always going to have a hard game with the absence of Ake Loba but managed to complicate a disjointed Universitario defence. While La U, as usual, with very little football but enormous courage inclined the game to their favour.

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