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Ruben Trujillo: Universidad Garcilazo’s Hidden Gem

The Copa Peru began in Lima last weekend. One name is already impressing for his team in the Distrital leagues, and his name is Ruben Trujillo.

Born in Lima in 2000, Trujillo currently plays for the San Isidro team Universidad Garcilazo, who participate in the lowest tier of the Copa Federacion. While that specific tournament hasn’t started, he plays in one of the toughest Distrital leagues in Lima. Regatas Lima, Lima Cricket and Circolo Sportivo Italiano all participate in San Isidro, so he’s up against some stiff competition.

Trujillo is a left winger. He’s quite pacy but his best strength is his off-the-ball movement. The teenager does an excellent job in finding space on his side of the pitch and receiving the ball in dangerous positions, especially in wide open space to exploit his pace.

His dribbling also compliments his speed, making him hard to stop on the ball. Another strength of Trujillo’s is his ability to cut inside. This is what he often does, too. When he receives the ball in a promising position, he gets inside the box, completes a few dribbles and shoots in a very Eden Hazard-like fashion.

Of course, being so young, there are a few weaknesses in Trujillo’s game. He can lack composure at times, making him quite wasteful. At only 17 and playing in the Copa Federacion Aspirantes, it can be expected. However, should this be improve, he’ll have a career that will kick off as he’s really good at creating chances for himself and for others. Additionally, he can get carried away with the ball and isn’t physically strong. That will improve with age, as physique and mental strength improves with experience.

Overall, Trujillo is another youngster to watch for the future. If he has a decent Copa Peru campaign – at least in Lima, he could easily get noticed as well as impress in the Copa Federacion.

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