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The Top 50 Peruvian U-23 Players: 40-31

The Peruvian Waltz’s Top 50 Peruvian U-23 players series continues, with Part 2 of the series featuring No. 40 to No. 31.

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40. Fabricio Aragon

Who is Fabricio Aragón?

Aragón is a defender playing for Universitario. Recently promoted to the first team by Pedro Troglio earlier in the year, he is now training for the first team as was the first newly promoted under-17 player by the Argentine manager.

He is competent in central defence and full back although seems to be more comfortable in the middle. He participated in the U-17 South American Championship held in Chile earlier this year.

Style and Strengths

The definition of defence comes to mind. He’s not a ball playing defender or a very offensive one. He will do a job at the back and keep it organized and solid. This could explain why he may occasionally rotate roles between full back and central defence.

Strong on the standing tackle and tall to win aerial battles and win headers, Fabricio Aragón is a tidy defender who will do a job. He likes to run, so he’ll cover a lot of distance per game.


Fabricio Aragón’s potential has yet to be seen. At the moment, it seems like he will continue to be a defensive player and not much else. Once he makes his first team debut, it will be a lot easier to tell from there. Right now we can rank him at a level similar to what Christian Ramos is now.

(Brian Bertie – @b_bertie98)

39. Sebastian Bravo

Who is Sebastian Bravo?

Sebastian Bravo is a product of Universitario de Deportes, where he started his career at the age of 6. He was born in 1997. He then went to Esther Grande de Bentin. He considers EGB a home because he learned a lot. In 2016, he returned to Universitario and trained three times per week at the Estadio Monumental until July.

In the second half of 2016, he was sent out on loan to FBC Melgar, where he played his first match as professional in the Primera Division. He registered nine matches and two goals during that time with Los Rojinegros.

During 2016, he trained with Peru’s U20 National Team but did not make the final squad which competed in Ecuador in the beginning of 2017.

Style and Strengths

Bravo is a centre forward, but he’s also comfortable playing out wide. While right footed, he’s also comfortable with his left.

He’s quick, good in the air and is intelligent off the ball.

(Victor Zaferson – @VZaferson)


He’s a good choice for Universitario next year as he’s still young and developing him properly would be the key to sell him for a good price.

38. Francisco Duclós

Who is Francisco Duclós?

Francisco Duclós was born in Lima in 1996. He plays as a central defender for Alianza Lima. He’s 21 years old and is a left footed player who was present in the Apertura where he was deployed as a left back for more than 10 games by Alianza manager Pablo Bengochea despite it not being his natural position.

Despite this, he played quite well. He was benefitted from the change of plan by the Uruguayan manager in the last few games of the Apertura and was successfully converted to a left back.

Style and Strengths

Despite not being best in his new position, he showed interesting qualities on the left flank. He always looks for the ball and is good at going forward joining the attack. He has great technique and he uses it to make long balls or crosses inside the enemy box.

It was Duclós’ pass that lead to the most iconic goal in the Apertura and that was Godoy’s vs San Martin, which was key to Alianza Lima winning the title.


He has potential to get in some explosive form but he’s expected to play in his natural position especially within training, which is central defence.

Hopefully he’ll have more games in the backline so he can consolidate himself as an undisputed starter in the Clausura.

(Diego Peralta – @diegoperalta025)

37. Sebastian Lojas

Who is Sebastian Lojas?

Lojas is a 22-year-old defender for Real Garcilaso, who is deployed primarily as a right-back. However, he is not a key starter for the Cusco-based club.

He first debuted for Garcilaso back in 2014 as a 19-year-old, accumulating 50 appearances since breaking into the first team.

Strengths and weaknesses

Since Lojas is a full-back, he is obviously going to be involved in the final third. His crossing and distribution are his best attributes, which is crucial for any outside back in football.

However, Lojas does struggle defensively. His positioning and anticipation are lacking, which explains why he is not a consistent starter for Garcilaso.


At 22, Lojas should be playing regularly if he wants to improve his defensive qualities. That might hamper his future at right-back, but he could always be deployed as a winger.

For now, it’s difficult to picture Lojas becoming a top-tier full-back in the Descentralizado. However, his quality distribution could boost his stock.

(Peter Galindo – @GalindoPW)

36. Ronaldo Andia

Who is Ronaldo Andia?

Ronaldo Andia plays for Sport Huancayo and is 20 years old. He participated in the U20 tournament held in Ecuador at the beginning of the year.

Born in Chincha of the Ica department, Andia is a right back. He originally started as a forward in his youth days at Sporting Cristal, although got his chance in Huancayo’s first team after impressing in the reserves.

Style and Strengths

Although he edges more towards a balanced mind for a full back, Ronaldo Andia does go forward a lot although does well to track back and fulfill his defensive duties.

He’s a very quick player and is intelligent. Off the ball he is very good on his side of the pitch.


Ronaldo Andia will at some point be good enough to be a full back in a title winning side in the Peru Primera. It’s unlikely to see him move abroad, perhaps if he’s lucky. However in a position where it’s difficult to find quality players, he’ll fit the bill into teams fighting near the top.

(Brian Bertie – @b_bertie98)

35. Renzo Garces

Who is Renzo Garces?

Another Sporting Cristal youngster to make the top 50, Renzo Garcés is a 21-year-old defender, the same age as Luis Abram.

Garcés broke through with Universidad San Martin in 2016, starting in 37 matches that season. That led to a move to one of Peru’s “big three” this year, which has generated mixed results thus far.

Garcés has represented Peru at the U-20 and U-17 levels, starting in all seven games at the Sudamericano in 2015.

Strengths and weaknesses

Garcés began his career as a defensive midfielder, but has been deployed as a centre-back with Sporting Cristal this season. Because he is adept to playing in the midfield, his passing is a lot sharper than most young defenders in the Descentralizado. He is also a hard tackler.

While his skill on the ball is unquestioned, his positional awareness is inconsistent. In the Copa Libertadores earlier this year, he read the situation, pushed up the field and timed his challenges very well, but often time he gets caught out.


Garcés’ potential is a lot higher compared to Abram, who have occasionally started together at centre-back.

For now, it appears that Garcés’ future is at centre-back. He has the necessary attributes to be a successful defender domestically and has shown that he has the awareness to snuff out any dangerous attacks, but maybe with another year at Sporting Cristal, everything will click.

(Peter Galindo – @GalindoPW)

34. Junior Ponce

Who is Junior Ponce?

At 23 years old, Junior Ponce is one of the older names on the list. However, the Universidad San Martin midfielder definitely has the qualities to be in the top 35.

Like many other players in the top 50, Ponce played for Peru at youth level. He was especially key for the U-17 squad at the 2011 Sudamericano.

Ironically, the Alianza Lima product was linked to Universitario earlier in the season. The 23-year-old was even rumoured as a possible signing for Alianza in 2016.

Strengths and weaknesses

Ponce is an exciting player with his incredible pace, dribbling abilities and distribution. He seldom scores, but he stokes fear among defenders whenever he runs towards the backline.


Ponce’s age likely means that he won’t improve too much over the next few years. However, he could end up getting a move to one of the “big three” in the near future and become a regular starter.

(Peter Galindo – @GalindoPW)

33. Erinson Ramirez

Who is Erinson Ramirez?

Erinson Ramirez was born in Pisco (1998) and is one of the youth promises that Alianza Lima have in the forward line.

This season, Erinson has played a couple of games as a winger and done excellently. Playing both on the left and the right wing, he’s shown that Alianza Lima have his development to look forward to in the coming years.

Style and Strengths

He’s played a little over 15 games and has shown great positioning in the opposition box. He’s comfortable with the ball and knows when it’s time to have a shot at goal. He’s competent with both feet although he’s better with his right.

One of his best abilities is his dribbling. He uses it often and his ability to change the direction of the ball with his feet helps his team enter an attacking phase. He is also good at taking advantage of his speed to intimidate the backline.


Much is expected of Erinson Ramirez in the coming years. After impressing in the reserve team and now in the senior side, what’s left is for him to score the goals like he did in the reserves.

(Diego Peralta – @diegoperalta025)

32. Rick Campodonico

Who is Rick Campodónico?

Rick plays for Juan Aurich and is a native Chiclayano. Similar to Miguel Trauco, he trained in Lima in his junior years for Universidad San Martin de Porres and returned to Chiclayo for his professional debut with his hometown club.

Campodónico is 21 years old. He starts most games for Juan Aurich in a classy midfield with Archimbaud. While Aurich definitely haven’t been “classy” this season, their midfield has been the saving grace.

Style and Strengths

Rick Campodónico is a box to box midfielder and he’s everywhere on the pitch. He joins the team in attack and defence. His style is that of a complete midfielder as he does everything in the middle.

He is best at picking out a pass from deep. He’s good at choosing when to use the killer ball or a long pass to the other side of the pitch. Unfortunately the letdown is that he doesn’t always execute it well. He has a creative mind but iffy passing can let his ideas down at times.


At 21, it’s unlikely we’ll see Rick Campodónico to be a world star especially considering what we’ve seen from him now. He’ll definitely be at one of the big 3 Lima clubs at some point in his career and he’ll thrive there as currently the midfield is weak at Universitario and Cristal. He’s the type of player they’d want and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him succeed there.

(Brian Bertie – @b_bertie98)

31. Alexander Lecaros

Who is Alexander Lecaros

Alexander Lecaros is the first player from the Real Garcilaso academy to play for the first team. At only 17 years of age, Lecaros has shown signs of brilliance in his few minutes.

He was born in Cuzco and is hoping to show more for his local team.

Style and Strengths

If there is any player who Lecaros could be compared to in the league as it is, it would be Marcos Lliuya. While he doesn’t dribble as much, he plays in a similar way.

He’s quick, likes fancy play and uses his flair at any situation possible.


Alexander Lecaros has been listed by many as one of the most promising youngsters to have debuted in the Primera. There is a good future at South American level for Lecaros. Depending on how quick his development goes, he could go as far as a club in Brazil or Mexico.

(Brian Bertie – @b_bertie98)

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