Tiago Cantoro (Photo: Prensa Universitario)
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Tiago Cantoro: From Universitario to Werder Bremen?

Tiago Cantoro, the son of Argentine forward and former Universitario player Mauro Cantoro has really made a name for himself in the youth and reserve teams of La U in recent times.

Photo: Prensa Universitario 

While Cantoro does get help from his father, who is obviously a good reference, he’s no fluke and a talented player with a bright future. Similar to Christopher Olivares in a way. Now he’s at Werder Bremen, where Claudio Pizarro is a legend and could provide support.

Mauro Cantoro with Universitario (Photo: USI)

While he still mostly plays youth football, Cantoro has been called up to the first team a couple of times and made few appearances in the reserves, scoring one goal in the meantime. Cantoro is still only 17 years old, so it is understandable to see him with the youth side. Despite La U’s transfer crisis earlier in the year, he did not have his ID ready for 2018 and can’t debut with the first team until 2019.

Being at Bremen is likely a result of his references, but Cantoro has a perfect chance to prove his clear talent to the Germans. This could be a disadvantage for Peruvian football, though, as he was born in Argentina and does not have a Peruvian passport. Cantoro is not eligible for Peru just yet, hence why he has not appeared for any of the youth sides.

La U are hoping to nationalize him next year, all assuming he doesn’t take off for Bremen.

What are his strengths?

As a player, Tiago Cantoro has been trained in a very Peruvian way, understandably. He’s very technical, has a lot of skill on the ball and likes to drive forward, but most importantly, he’s mentally strong. Cantoro is composed on the ball and it isn’t easy to take it from him. He hardly subsides to pressure because he remains calm at all times.

He’s not exactly a revelation right now, but Cantoro has been very good in La U’s youth setup and for whatever few appearances he did get in the reserve team. As mentioned, he has one goal from a free kick, albeit it was eight months ago.


Tiago Cantoro has everything to kick off in the future and become a very good player. It is only a matter of time.

This is an interesting move for Cantoro, but one that could be a disadvantage for Peruvian football, as he’s clearly a talented player but not yet nationalized and eligible to play for Peru. Leaving the country would likely mean he’d never earn a call-up. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting prospect for his family and he certainly has the talent to play in Germany at some stage.

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